Never Go to a Movie for First Date

Story submitted by: Judy H.

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Being new to the dating world, I accepted a date with Andrew who invited me to meet him at a foreign movie theater on a Wednesday night after work. From what I knew of Andrew he was very bright, very witty, and wanting to meet the right girl. However, there was this nagging suspicion that he was evasive for some reason whenever I asked about his life. I was soon to find out why going to a movie on the first date was a bad idea.

It was a Wednesday night, and I researched the movie theater and movie in advance. It was a classy foreign movie theater in an upscale shopping center. We were going to see a German movie that had top reviews. As soon as I arrived, I saw Andrew waiting for me by the box office. He gave me a friendly hug, purchased two tickets and we went inside a well lighted lobby area, and found our theater.

Being a Wednesday night, there were only two other people in the darkened theater and they were sitting in the front row. Andrew motioned me into a seat near the back of the theater which I thought was a little odd, but I figured maybe more patrons would be there soon. No one else showed up, though. Before the movie started, I tried to ask him a few questions about himself, but he answered only in general terms and seemed a little annoyed with my attempts at any conversation. I started wondering, “Who is this man anyway?”

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