OK Cupid Bust

Story submitted by: John A.

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I met this girl on OKCupid and asked her out. I wanted it to be short and sweet, (our first encounter) so that if anything went wrong, we could call it quits super fast and just go on our separate ways. I have heard horror stories of friends who’ve agreed to go to a girl’s house to cook dinner for them and had to put up with hours of meal preparation, cooking and boring-ass conversations with people they barely liked. Let’s face it, we’re not on OKCupid to just socialize. This girl was pretty cute and she seemed to be down to earth and had a pretty creative job. She worked as a photographer for a news media site, so I thought we’d have a lot to talk about given than I’m studying to become a journalist. So we chat for a few days and I tell her I’m heading to Union Square on Monday afternoon and that we could hang around and get some ice cream, or something, before I have to meet up with some friends. Quick, simple and with a getaway escape. What could go wrong?

I told her that it’s totally casual; to not even freak out if she can’t make it, as I was already running some errands in the city. She tells me she can definitely meet me there, so I tell her to wait for me in front of the window of the store. I get there and I see a girl that looks like a passing resemblance to her, except maybe older, a bit chubbier and slightly different. Almost like they’re vaguely related. I thought, ‘Maybe they’re cousins?’ I would’ve never thought it was her had I passed her by, but it seemed as if she had been waiting for someone so I stared at her, waiting for a sign, or a smile.

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