OK Cupid Bust

Story submitted by: John A.

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She stared back, smiling in disbelief and nodded her head, and started smiling but you could tell she was confused by me being there or looking like I did as well. “GREAT! My profile picture probably makes me look better than I do in real life,” were my initial thoughts. We start talking on the way to the food court of a nearby mall, and I start asking her about her job and how fascinating it is to work for a news site that publishes all kinds of stories, from weird events, serious political journalism and mindless boring cat stories, (and yes, she worked for THAT famous US site you’re thinking of, the one that starts with a “B”)

She’s really nice but not at all upbeat or chatty, so this “date” or whatever you want to call it is turning into an afternoon nightmare that’s draining my energy. She then starts asking me if I like to skate and if I had been doing so for a while now. I’m not a sports guy, I’m pretty chubby so I barely move from the computer, to the university, to the couch. She then asks about that time I went to Portugal, and if I plan on taking that semester abroad. Apparently, she thought I was someone else, so she had planned on meeting some other OKCupid guy and got the messages and profiles mixed up.

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