Supermarket Girl

Story submitted by: Ashton, P.

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I knew this girl who worked as a cashier at a supermarket. I lived in the same area and it was the closest shop to my place, so I went there regularly. She was cute and a little shy, but I always tried to find excuses to strike a conversation with her. I got to talk to the girl and joke around with her, trying to get to know her in the short amount of time it takes to pay for my stuff.
After a couple of months I go for it, and I ask if she’s seeing someone (she wasn’t) and I ask her out,. She was happy that I asked and we decide on a coffee date in the afternoon at a café two blocks from the supermarket.
The day of the date, we say hi and I see that she’s really nervous but she was like that in the supermarket as well, so I’m now nervous too. I thought she got nervous around me, so that was a clear sign she liked me, right?
Right away I notice things might go slower than I thought. She’s kind of quiet and I might have to take the reins of the conversation. After the usual pleasantries and small-talk typical questions like how she’s doing and how crazy the weather is, she wouldn’t say much to me at all. She kept smiling uncomfortably and looking down all the time, in silence.

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