Tinder fiasco

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African American girl here. I’ve been on a couple of dates, nothing too crazy, until my first Tinder fiasco. I had always dated black men as I find them more attractive, honestly, and they understand what it feels like to be a minority in this country. That being said, I did find some white and Asian men really attractive, I just didn’t feel like dealing with certain topics of conversation that made me uncomfortable. Some guys had even treated me as nothing but the “exotic chick” they needed to cross off of their sex bucket list. For some guys, dating or having sex with a black woman was like a badge of honor, as they loved to collect their diverse conquests under their belts.

I swiped on Tinder once and that’s when the craziness started. A white man in his 40s decided to message me to let me know we would be going on a date. I liked his tenacity and candor and agreed to meet him at a café. He showed up, looking sharp and seemed to be really into the date. He asked me really good questions about life, family and my life goals. I finally felt like I met someone who was worthy of my time, and not just another loser who wanted to sleep with me, or just didn’t have much to say at all. He was really charismatic and engaging, to the point where he placed his hand on my shoulder, or carefully touched my thigh after cracking a really funny joke about Clinton. I was surprised at how limited I had been this whole time, not wanting to date a white boy because I was afraid of our differences.

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