Tinder fiasco

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We ordered dessert and he started to switch the conversation up and started to discuss religion. He then mentions that he agrees with everything Trump had promised so far, and that he was thinking of voting for him. I was really shocked to hear him say this as he seemed to be really open minded and all. I respected his choice, but explained why as a black woman, this election was extremely scary and the outcome could lead to a race war like we’ve never seen in years. He was really charming and respectful about it, and we continued to discuss life, and family values, which according to him, were really important. I was more liberal and open minded but I still enjoyed his candor and honesty.

The check comes and he fights me hard and ends up paying for it. He must’ve spent $700 on our meals, champagne and dessert included. As we were about to get ready to leave, he tells me: “Well, this was one of the most amazing evenings and dates I’ve ever gone to, and I mean that honestly. You’re charming, delightful, and a highly educated woman. It was truly a pleasure, but you do know this can’t work right?”

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