Too Much Baggage

Story submitted by: Judy H.

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Robert seemed eager to meet me, and from all I knew of him, it seemed that it would be a lovely dinner date at a local Italian restaurant. I was waiting outside the restaurant when he arrived for the blind date with a big smile on his face and a friendly manner. Once at our table, we ordered lasagna, and talked about our jobs,our families and our interests. We laughed and talked like old friends. Maybe he was nervous or just eager to share more with me, but Robert suddenly had a need to reveal a pressing matter.

By his second wife he had an 8 year old son. “Hmm, I thought…he’s old enough to be the grandfather, and my own kids are raised. I don’t know.” The mother of his son and he had been divorced a few years, but the battle continued. and what a battle it was! Not only had they both retained attorneys, but she was continually doing things to embarrass Robert at work from making crazy phone calls complaining about him, to visiting his work and demanding to see him or his supervisor. She demanded that their son go to the most expensive private school in town, even on his modest income. My interest in Robert began waning thinking I did not want to be a part of their friction and child custody problems, and I knew I needed to change the subject.

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