We all got sick

Story submitted by: Candice T.


It was summer, 1999. I’m never going to forget that date because it was probably one of those dates that should go viral because it was that bad. I was 19 years old, a complete wreck and I was still rocking a fringy do, courtesy of that whole Madonna infatuation that seemed to affect us all as teenagers. I was extremely overweight for that era, but for 2016’s standards, I would’ve been considered a sexy, curvaceous girl. I was kind of insecure, but naïve as to what guys would’ve found dating material. I was like fat Monica from Friends, with far worse fashion sense and a lot less charisma. Still, being cheesy and all, I wanted to meet prince charming, so I let my friends set me up on a double blind date. The girls must’ve had a field day with me, because they decided to do a triple blind date and set me, my best friend and another girl up with 3 other guys up and see what happened. In the end, 2 of my best friends who were in a relationship ended up going with the three of us to this completely weird triple blind date and see if we hit it off. The three guys were as mysterious as they were sexy, at least in our imagination. They ended up being cousins to my bestie, the one who was in a relationship, and who never had a zit in her damn life.

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