Wendy’s Date

Story submitted by: Julie B.

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I was 18 at the time, trying to date people who were older than me by pretending I was 21. The guys couldn’t tell I was younger because I was tall, but I was the typical chubby girl that couldn’t wear heels or she’d be taller than her date.

I met a guy through Instagram and he instantly chatted me up, and started telling me I was pretty, and wanted to meet in real life. I was nervous but I wanted to be with an older guy who didn’t play mind games. I hated high school boys and high school drama. So he picks me up from school, not knowing I actually went to classes there, as he thought I was a teacher. I get in the car and he tells me we’re going to a nearby Wendy’s. Ok, not necessarily fancy but it’ll do. We get there and he starts to check out his phone and starts laughing at his friends’ posts and starts showing me their inners jokes and conversations, trying to include me in on the joke. It wasn’t working. Then he says “Babe, can you order?” So I go to the line and wait for 20 minutes until it’s our turn. I pay for our things, and bring them to where he’s sitting down, close to the window, and he hands me over some money that covers the entire bill, so he paid for my stuff too. I thought that was nice and sort of redeem him for a bit. Then he starts asking questions about ex boyfriends, and in a way, it felt like he was leading the question towards him, all so he could show me who he had dated before. He shows me photos of some random gorgeous women he claims he’d dated and says “You have no clue how hard it was to stop tapping that.” At this point, I want to go home, so I text my mom and tell her she might have to pick me up. She doesn’t respond, so I come up with a lie and tell him my mother needs help with the family business and I politely say I’m going to call an Uber. He offers to drive me home. I let him. He asks for a second date and I couldn’t fake it anymore and I let out a “Listen, Jake…” and he got pissed. He couldn’t believe someone was rejecting him. I simply said I didn’t think we were a great match and I told him I thought we were better off as friends. So he told me he’d send me the bill later on and that I owed me $12.99 for the burger and soda I had back at Wendy’s plus the gas he spent driving me around!

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